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Article From "La Stampa ". 02/2013

TV/Documentary  " CulturalShock "

Italian TV Documentary , based on my story telling and my Gipsy Origin Traveling through Ex Jugoslavia ,

OPRE ROMA !!!    :)

 This project intends to make a documentary film about the Roma culture in innovative ways , through the direct testimony and exclusive of people who belong to it and which, with its own voice and its own history. The desire is to build a tool that besides having a great historical and cultural value in the broadest sense, can also have a social and educational utility as expendable and usable by those who are seriously interested in working on intercultural issues and of 'integration of peoples.

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Real Time TV , "Cose da non chiedere"

Un programma di RealTime TV che abbatte gli Stereotipi attraverso domande ai diretti interessati .


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