The Wall Of Fame

Member of FNAS (National Italian Street Artist Federation) from 2016 , see my "Profile"

Member of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette)  from 2016 , see my "Profile"

Selected by UNIMA for its catalogue of its finest Italian Puppet shows of 2018.

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Interview Article "Tucamingo"

Interview Article " Cafè Babel "

Interview Article "ThePassword"

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Interview Article "rete7"

Interview Article " ".

Interview Article "Corriere "

Interview Article  "The Living News"

Article From "La Stampa ".

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Film about Buskers Life & Work

"Tanto di Cappello" (busking whit Hat) 

is a italian Movie about street performer Life-backgroud. From LACUMBIA Film

I was chosen by documentary filmmakers, who then followed me during a season of shows, filming and story-telling my life outside and inside the street performance.

Real Time TV , "Things not to Ask"

A Real Time TV program that breaks down Stereotypes through questions to those directly involved.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Documentary  "OPRE ROMA!"

This project intends to make a documentary film about the Roma culture in innovative ways , through the direct testimony and exclusive of people who belong to it and which, with its own voice and its own history. The desire is to build a tool that besides having a great historical and cultural value in the broadest sensecan also have a social and educational utility as expendable and usable by those who are seriously interested in working on intercultural issues and of 'integration of peoples.

Partecipate in the Project Here "Opre Roma"

TV/Documentary  " CulturalShock "

Italian TV Documentary , based on my story telling and my Gipsy Origin Traveling through Ex Jugoslavia .