Strings stretch and smiles arise while each marionette, hand-carved and inspired by members of my family, create a different atmosphere and different picture.

Family relationships resolve and extricate, string by string, during a symbolic and entertaining story, a daring journey from former war-time Yugoslavia to Italy.

A pawing and fiery Skeleton, a sweet and ravenous Tiger, a mysterious Oriental Bellydancer and much more.  


It was my grandfather who shared his woodmaking passion with me, teaching me how to handcarve by knife: an art that shaped my teenagehood and that naturally gave into my theatre practice. 

"The Gipsy Marionettist", my first show thanks to which I could step foot on international stages, came to life from the idea of ideally taking my family on tour with me.

Its protagonists are string marionettes, souls carved in wood, portraits made out of cortex: my father, a skeleton with a neverending grimace on his face; my mother, a ferocious and protective tiger; my sister, an elegant belly dancer. 

Within the circle, in that peculiar kind of theatre that is Busking, I showcase my family, trying to weave with the audience, through improv and play, a string to connect us all, creating for the public a shared familiar memory to take care of.

In my culture, the Romanì one, which strongly influences my work, there is a specific word to describe those that through their theatre, specifically puppetry, share stories and images: Paramiśar.